It was a bad year for Royalty as Her Royal Highness began paying income tax, a fire destroyed much of Windsor Castle and Charles and Diana announced their separation. The Conservative Party was re-elected with their leader John Major. WH Smith announced they would no longer be selling LPs and Europe got its very own Disney theme park.



It Only Takes a Minute - Never Forget: The Ultimate Collection Take That formed and their chart breakthough came in the summer of this year with a cover of Tavares' It Only Takes A Minute.

This Used to Be My Playground - Something to Remember At the beginning of the year Madonna returned to the charts with 'This Used To Be Me Playground' which not only gave her a 10th US No. 1 but also meant she had more UK top hits than the Beatles.


Wayne's World - Wayne and Garth broadcast a low-budget public access cable TV show from Wayne's basement. The show catches the attention of a sleazy TV producer who wants to make a big-budget version of 'Wayne's World' but is also after Wayne's girlfriend Cassandra.  Reservoir Dogs - It's the story of an unseen botched jewellery store robbery. Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) is convinced one of the team is a cop. They discuss what went wrong and try and work out who the rat is.



Trailed in the tabloids as 'sex, sun and sangria', Eldorado was set in a Spanish fishing village with the community of ex-patriots as the focus. The set, built in the Spanish mountain area of Coin, still stands to this day.  Absolutely Fabulous - For neurotic PR agent Edina and her fashion editor friend Patsy work was one big lunch break, eating at trendy restaurants, shopping at Harvey Nicks and rubbing shoulders with anyone famous they could find.



Tracy Island - Now every boy could build a base for his Thunderbird fleet. Gerry Anderson's FAB animation series was as popular as ever in 1992 - and the new Tracy Island model was a big hit.Gladiators dolls - At last you could act out all those 'Don't try this at home' moments with your own cast of athletic Gladiators dolls.

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