Fostering with Halton Borough Council

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Why should people foster?

The National Picture:

Almost 62,000 children live with over 50,000 foster families across the UK each day. This is about four-fifths of all the children in care in the UK (excluding the minority who live at home with their parents). For some, it will be a short stay before returning home or being adopted. For others, it will be long-term until they move into independence.

The Fostering Network estimates that 9,000 more foster carers are needed in 2013 alone to meet the diverse needs of children and young people coming into care across the UK.

Fostered children and young people have very different needs and it is important that foster care as an approach develops to reflect and meets these needs whether that’s support care where children have regulars short breaks with foster carers to give their families or foster carers support, multi-dimensional treatment foster care where highly trained foster carers can give additional support to young people with severe difficulties and social pedagogy where foster carers and others work holistically to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Halton’s take on Fostering…

Our focus for 2013/14 will be to continue to be to fill the gaps of our 4 groups identified in our strategy last year – eg. complex needs, sibling groups, older children and long term placements.

We are committed to recruiting carers to meet these needs and promote choice within our foster care provision and are keen to encourage those people who have a diverse range of skills and life experiences and who would be able to offer support and care to enable a child to achieve their full potential and sense of identity.

View the profiles of some foster parents here

Talking times...

If you’re interested in finding out more about fostering for Halton Borough Council, then we’d love to invite you to one of our regular information sessions.

Chat with ordinary people just like you who are already making an incredible difference to children’s lives. Take just a little time to discover the rewarding times you could experience when you foster a child:

  • Wednesday 2nd October, 10am-12pm at Runcorn Town Hall
  • Wednesday 6th November, 10am-12pm at Runcorn Town Hall
  • Wednesday 4th December, 7pm-9pm at Runcorn Town Hall

If you are unable to attend an Information Event, simply contact us for a free information pack on 0800 195 3175 or visit www.foster4halton.co.uk

Halton Borough Council’s Fostering Service welcome local people to become foster carers for local children and young people