Road Safety

Be prepared for winter with Warrington Borough Council Road Safety Team….

  • Listen to the local weather forecast before leaving the house…
  • Use public transport when you can…
  • Only make essential journeys…
  • De-mist and de-ice before setting off…
  • Regular checks go a long way….check and replace all fluids especially the anti freeze…
  • Ensure all lights are clean and in working order

Driving in bad weather is hazardous so Warrington Borough Council have come up with an easy way to do your checks this winter – just remember POWDER...


Petrol – make sure you have enough!


Oil – make sure yours is topped up!


Water – windscreen wash is essential!


Damage check lights and wheels


Electrics – make sure everything is workin


Rubber – tyres, treads and wiper blades need to be in tip top condition!