A Warrington Mum Who Will Always Put The Kettle On For Anyone Suffering With Mental Health

Melissa Miller works at Greenwood Fryer Chippy and says she wants to help more people after a customer opened up to her about his suicidal thoughts.

A few weeks ago the mum of two was working at the chippy in Warrington when a man came into the takeaway.

After asking how the mans day was going, Melissa was shocked when he started chatting about how he was off work because of his mental health.

"It cost me nothing for me to listen to that gentleman for 10 minutes and for him to show me pictures of his children.

"Why can't more people do that? Or why can't I do that? To help more people."

Melissa says she's always been aware of mental health but has never had someone open up to her in that way.

"It sometimes is easier to speak to strangers, I don't know the person - so it's not my place to judge anyone.

"I was just putting it out there if anyone needs to talk, I've got a pair of ears, I don't mind listening."

Melissa is now urging anyone who may be struggling to come and speak to her in the chippy where she will always pop the kettle on for those who need to talk about what's going on.

The mum of two is now looking at setting up a community group for a few hours a week so that she can help more people.

"People could talk to me and talk to other people in the same situation.

"And just know that they're not on their own, no one should ever feel like that.

"Even if I can help one person, it'll all be worth it."


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