Alcohol abuse still major issue in Halton

Health bosses in Halton says alcohol abuse is still out of control

Although the number of under 18's being admitted to hospital with drinking to excess has fallen, the level still remains high

The Borough's Public Health team is developing a strategy to tackle it

Eileen O’Meara, Director of Public Health says: “Our vision is to enable people in Halton to have a sensible relationship with alcohol that promotes good health and wellbeing and ensures Halton is a safe place to live.

“Alcohol harm is rising in Halton so our strategy has been developed to cover all life stages – from preconception through birth, school age and adulthood and will set out our plans to tackle those issues that affect people of all ages such as crime and community safety, alcohol availability and pricing.”

Chapters in the strategy will include:

1.Starting well: Reducing alcohol related harm during preconception, pregnancy and the early years

2.Growing well: Reducing alcohol related harm among school age children in Halton

3.Living well: Reducing alcohol related harm in working age adults

4.Aging well: Reducing alcohol related harm in older adults

5.Keeping our local communities safe from alcohol-related harm

Each chapter outlines the scale of alcohol-related harm in Halton, describes the current activity being undertaken to reduce alcohol-related harm, and identifies gaps in activity and best practice examples to make recommendations to reduce alcohol-related harm.

No one organisation is able to address all the factors to reduce alcohol-related harm in Halton, so this strategy has been written in partnership with organisations across Halton who work to reduce alcohol-related harm in the borough.

An online questionnaire is now open for to offer your views on the subject:


You can also read the draft version of the strategy.

There are two questionnaires – one for adults and one for young people under 18.

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