Ashley Madison hack: One user tells her story

Pat, 60, is married but lonely.

Her husband has Alzheimer's. He sits in his chair all day in silence. Not only is there no sex, but there is no conversation.

Pat told Sky News: "I call them (other Ashley Madison members) email penpals or 'men-pals'.

"They are people that are a bit like me. They live in lonely parts of America or live by themselves.

"Everybody's got a problem and it just helps to write words down for people to read."

Pat has only once met up with someone through the site but it was nothing more than a drink.

On the whole, her engagement with other members is purely in writing. She denies cheating on her husband physically or emotionally.

"It stops me feeling any sort of resentment towards my husband. I've not had sex - all I've done is speak to somebody or type things down.

"I know I can go on to my email and tell somebody what my day has been like.

"And if it's been a load of rubbish then they will probably say 'Oh don't worry, it will be better tomorrow'.

"75% of people are after sex but there are genuine people that are members of Ashley Madison that I think need some sort of relief by talking to people, be it on the telephone or email.

"I'm not breaking any vow am I? Have these people who make these insinuations even had a go, or even had any upset in their lives? You can't judge everybody by one thing. Everybody is different."

Pat says she won't allow herself to fall in love with anybody because she is faithful to her husband and she is not concerned about breaking up other people's marriages.

"My husband is my first priority. As far as I'm concerned, it would not go as far as that.

"As soon as I felt any inkling (towards loving someone else), I would have to come off.

"I would have to stop it because that's not what I want. And I'm not being naive.

"I know what I want, I know what I need and it's not that.

"It's wrong that the site is being blamed for the things that people should take their own responsibility for.

"If it's falling in love then they can't be in love with the person they're with at the time.

"I have made it clear to anybody I've emailed or spoken to over Ashley Madison that I have a husband who I look after, who can't give me what I sometimes need to be happy or to feel important.

"Then when I go back to him, I feel a lot happier and I can cope better. I don't know how it works but it does."

Pat insists she will continue with her membership of the site despite the security breach and is not concerned about blackmail. 

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