Couple Thank Community Who Were Concerned Over Their Welfare After Keeping Christmas Lights On

The couple say the lights aren't going anywhere!

Jill and Vic Crossland were shocked when neighbours kept checking up on them.

Many of the Warrington community became increasingly concerned about the couple when they saw their Christmas lights were still on past the usual 12 days of Christmas.

The bungalow situated on the A57 Liverpool road in Penketh next to St Mary's Church was becoming the talk of the town.

Jill now finds the whole situation humorous: "I started laughing you're the third person that's contacted me.

"We're fine, we just haven't taken the lights down. We like having them up, they're nice and bright otherwise January is a dull month.

"We just thought what the hell we'll keep them up, they look nice."

Jill's daughter then told her mum that concern was growing on a community Facebook page.

Mrs Crossland was shocked and posted this response:

"Having been made aware of all the comments regarding our welfare because of the Christmas lights still being on, first of all we would like to thank everyone for their concern. It’s heartening to know there are still people who care about their neighbours. Secondly, the reason for leaving the lights on was to remind ourselves and everyone else what a joyous time Christmas can be and why limit that joy to Christmas alone? Also it helped to brighten up what was an otherwise dull January. However, in order to waylay any more concern, we have, reluctantly, decided to turn them off, although we are keeping our inside lights on all year !! Thank you again for your concern. Jill and Vic, the bungalow next to the church."

Hundreds of members responded to Jills post asking her to keep them up.

"Leave them!! 🌟🌟🌟 If they make you happy with them twinkling outside all year round you leave them where they are ❤️❤️ we love seeing them - and even more so now we know you and Vic are well xx"

"AH NO, DONT TURN THEM OFF .... they make us smile on grim nights like this .... especially when were stuck in traffic! 😊"

"Turn them on again please! January is a miserable month and from all the comments, your lights add a little bit of cheer."

"It's really heartening. It's so nice to know that there are still people who are still concerned about their neighbours."

"I thought that was lovely, we both did!"

Jill and her husband have now decided to keep the lights up to spread some joy on these 'cold miserable nights'.

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