Family Release Statement In Tribute to Elaine McIver

The funeral's taken place at Chester Cathedral of a Warrington police officer

Elaine was off duty when she was killed and was at the Arena to pick up her partners daughter.

Today thousands lined the streets to pay their respects as Elaine's funeral took place in Chester




Her family have issued a statement following her funeral

"Today is the day we say goodbye to our beloved Elaine. 

"The last 6 weeks have been our worst nightmare.  Paul continues to improve physically but it is a long road ahead and the family have been overwhelmed and humbled by the support received which keeps us strong. 

So many have been there for us and we are united in strength together.  We don't know how we could ever thank everyone.

I am trying not think about how Elaine died for today, but it will be difficult. 

Your kindness is always welcome but if you feel sorry for us, please don't.  All the sorrow in the world won't bring our loved ones back. 

I urge everyone to use the energy from their sorrow to campaign and lobby for changes in legislation around how we deal with terrorist suspects. 

Twenty-two people died in this atrocity on 22.5.17. Twenty-two people were arrested and subsequently released.  The perpetrator was 22 years old and previously known about by our authorities. 

I would like to see changes brought about so that we have more resources and more powers to ensure that any suspects are dealt with effectively and are not allowed back onto our streets to wreak the havoc and devastation they are causing.

But today we concentrate on celebrating Elaine's life and the kind and wonderful person she was.  We will sing her to sleep one last time and say night night sleep tight beautiful little sister."

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