Government Urged To Scrap Plans To Close Road Between Culcheth And Croft To Make Way For HS2

Bosses behind HS2 are being pressed over ‘unacceptable’ plans to close a key road between Culcheth and Croft.

Councillors have previously called on Chris Grayling, secretary of state for transport, to take action to prevent HS2 Ltd permanently closing Wigshaw Lane.

Many in the area believe it would result in the two communities being ‘cut off’ from each other.

HS2 Ltd chiefs say the £55.7 billion project is due to be completed in 2033.

But concerns are mounting over the costs surrounding the project, with some calling for it to be scrapped.

Council leader Cllr Russ Bowden was asked about the proposed high-speed railway during Tuesday’s leader’s forum at Culcheth Community Campus.

He said: “The council’s position is that it supports HS2 in terms of the principal route and economic benefits.

“But we definitely oppose the Golborne spur, particularly around what benefit it brings to Warrington which are basically nil.

“While we support HS2, we are clearly against that spur.

“One of the things we have always been clear about is, if the Golborne spur happens, what we would expect is world class mitigation against that.”

Cllr Bowden (LAB – Birchwood) also reassured residents he is ‘absolutely’ against the closure of Wigshaw Lane after labelling the proposal as ‘quite simply unacceptable’.

He said: “We are pressing HS2 on that. We are hopeful to press for the right outcome.

“Officers are in regular contact with HS2 to attempt to persuade them not to sever Wigshaw Lane and also for the viaduct alignment to be adjusted, so it passes further away from Hollins Green.

“The two villages have a very close connection, so closing Wigshaw Lane would be damaging.”

Shortly after, Cllr Bowden told residents the focus should be placed on capacity, rather than speed.

He added: “HS2 would provide a significant amount of additional capacity.

“But the price ticket is extortionate and whether it will happen in my political lifetime remains to be seen.”

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