Life-loving Warrington woman's legacy continues in charity

A man from Stockton Heath who lost his wife to cancer's continuing her legacy so other people with terminal illness can enjoy life-enriching moments when they need it most

Jo Williams passed away in March following a 7 year battle with breast cancer..

But she never let the disease put a brake on her ambitions - skydiving, travelling the world, marrying her husband David and tirelessly working for charity.

Two months before she died, the couple set up a charity, Yolo Jo's, inspired by her 'you only live once' attitude to life, dedicated to giving other cancer sufferers priceless 'bucket list' experiences.

David says he wants to carry on his wife's legacy in the way she would have wanted:

"She didn't let cancer run her life. Cancer interfered with her life. A lot of people look at it the other way around; cancer dominates their life. She didn't look at it like that at all. We just got on with life, and really grabbed life, like most people should do anyway. But we are all complacent, thinking we'll live to seventy or eighty. She didn't get that chance.

"These small things might only cost a hundred or two hundred pounds, but we can affect so many people's lives. We can help people to have things to look forward to. That's how Jo lived her life. She ultimately had a cancer that was going to kill her, but we had so many things to look forward to - that's what kept her going.

"Life is for living - and I've got that ethos now, definitely. I've got that ethos now. Our own bucket list was to see different places in the world, and after she'd gone, she left a few notes around the place that I found that said, you live the life that we both wanted to live together. You carry it on, and I'll be there by your side."

This year will be the first year Jo and David's annual charity 24 hour squashathon takes place, without Jo present. You can contribute to the fundraising here.

You can listen to our interview with David below:



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