Runcorn Could Soon Become A Tourism Hotspot

The town could become a holiday destination thanks to funding into canal restoration.

The Runcorn Locks Restoration Society (RLRS) secured a £50,000 grant to restore the locked canal routes which have been out of use since the 1960's.

If more funding is approved by the city region then the borough could have a functioning canal in just 18 months.

Graham Wallace Chairperson for the RLRS is thrilled with the progress: "The council have been looking for a number years of ways of getting developers to come in and help us to regenerate the town - our project gives them a lifeline.

"If we can attract the tourists and the boaters to the town then the regeneration will organically happen."

The £50,000 grant from the governments coastal revival fund has been vital in securing an engineer report to see if and how the re-connection of the locks could happen. 

Plans include a state of the art modern boat lift, as well as an inclined plane which is a rail track, which will transport boats from the Bridgewater Canal into the Manchester Ship Canal - The first of it's kind in the UK.

Now all the society who are working in partnership with Halton Council need is some funding from the city region to get the project underway.

"Pleasure craft have really taken off on the canals and you'll see up and down the country examples of how disused canals that have been re-opened have helped to regenerate the area.

"Boaters will definitely use the canal and that in turn will help to regenerate the town."

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