Runcorn Family Frustrated After Their Autistic Sons School Transport Has Been Cut

Michael is in Sixth Form, but as soon as he turned 16 his transport to school stopped.

Now, the council did provide training so that Michael could travel independently, but with only three lessons, the 16-year-old found it difficult and ended up on his own miles from his home.

This has resulted in his mum, Alison - who has a disability herself - driving the teenager to and from school.

But, this means Alison has to postpone taking her own medication to ensure she's fit to drive.

Alison has told Wire it's a horrible situation to be in: "You feel like you've got to justify that your child has a disability.

"I do my best for him, I'll do everything I can for him, but sometimes it just get's too much."

The family have spoken to the council on numerous occasions and have now involved a social worker to try and get the situation resolved.

They told us that they really don't want to take their son out of further education because he enjoys it.

Michael's dad, Mark just want's the nightmare to be over: "There is a lot of children who are in the same boat, Michael is just part of an iceberg."

Halton Council responded with this statement: "The Council is unable to provide details regarding individual cases, but does have a Home to School & College Travel and Transport Policy for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, and where a child or young person meets the eligibility criteria assistance with transport will be awarded."

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