Violet Grace's Parents Vow to fight on

The family of a St Helens youngster killed by joyriders say they'll keep fighting for tougher sentences after the government were unable to commit to a timetable for reform.

A petition from Becky and Glenn Youens triggered a parliamentary debate yesterday.

4 year Violet Grace was killed in 2017, the men responsible are both due to finishing serve their prison terms just in the next two years
Prison Minister Robert NBckland said during the debate

"I bitterly regret that I am not able to give hon. Members that all-important timescale, but the force of the speeches today leaves me and the Government in no doubt about the high priority placed on this much-needed reform—in fact, I would say it is the highest priority.

"The force of the argument put forward reinforces my sincere wish and drive to bring forward this reform at the earliest possible opportunity.

"Let us work together to do that."

Violet's mum Becky says the campaign won't stop.

"I will keep fighting and if I could do it beyond the grave then I would.

"Because I don't want another family to be insulted by the system in inplace

"What happened that day was no accident and they should spend life in prison for they did."



Today has been a very emotional day. We have met with other families who have suffered similar pain and distress through this horrific crime and have also been let down by the current justice system, and then insulted by the current sentence guidelines in place. Although we have not yet received a specific time frame from Robert Buckland Minister of State (Minister Justice), he has assured us this will happen. However, we will keep pushing and pushing for justice, until the government bring in better legislation for death by dangerous driving. We need a few days to gather our thoughts and plan our next stage in this fight as it has been a very emotional and hectic week, which strains our broken hearts even more. But we will fight for justice until our last breath. Please sign the petition and share to show your support, it is open until August 15th. Thank you for your continued support. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/236952

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For those who still wish to sign the link is: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/236952

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