Warrington play area damaged by deliberate fire

A fire that damaged a playground in Warrington is believed to have been started deliberately.

The town's firefighters were called to Victoria Park, Knutsford Road yesterday, July 28, just before 1pm to a fire under a climbing frame in the play area.

Rubber matting which was directly under the rocket shaped structure was damaged by the fire which the crew extinguished.

Sean Henshaw, Service Delivery Manager for Warrington said: “This is a senseless act of arson which has spoilt the play area for local children. 

“We work very closely with police in Warrington and other partner agencies to tackle deliberate fires and this will continue, but we also need residents to be aware and help us where they can and report these individuals.

"The crime of arson is extremely dangerous. Fire spreads quickly so what may seem like a small fire can easily become out of control. Not only do these fires put the lives of firefighters at risk, they also cause considerable danger to the public because while fire engines are at scenes of arson they are not available to respond to real ."

If anyone has any information regarding this fire they should call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or Cheshire Police on 101.

For more information on how to prevent arson fires please visit the website www.cheshirefire.gov.uk

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